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Thrift Store

Sales from our Thrift Store work to support the Missions.
Donated items are also used to provide clothing and other
necessities to those in our shelter and recovery programs.​

Thrift Store Address

1821 Piner Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Thrift Store Hours

Monday - Saturday

9am - 7pm

Donation Drop-Off Hours

Monday - Saturday

8am - 5pm

Donation Pick-Ups

707-578-1830  ext. 301

or email Carol at

Items We Are Unable to Accept:

  • Window air conditioners, water heaters, water softeners

  • Built-in appliances or any appliance needing repair and/or with rust or mold

  • Gas appliances

  • Appliances must be clean and plugged in.

  • Built-in bookcases or cabinets

  • Car batteries, used car parts, or tires

  • Chemicals of any kind, including paint or pesticides

  • Console TVs, console stereos, and TVs 24” wide or larger, Projection TVs

  • Large exercise equipment

  • Car Seats, Cribs—anything that could be a safety issue

  • Item that is ripped, worn, discolored, has stains/soiling, odors, tears, animal hair, scratches, peeling, cracking, rust, grease, weak springs or any structural damage which require repair

  • Pianos, organs

  • Single kitchen or dining chair

  • Glass top tables, unframed mirrors

  • Stuffed animals and pet toys

  • Large desks and/or hutches, computer desks, roll-top, wall units, entertainment centers

  • China cabinets

  • Sinks or toilets (commodes are OK)

  • Wall-to-wall carpet, padding, foam

  • Window blinds, draperies, or rods

  • Cassette tapes, VHS tapes (CDs, DVDs, are OK)

  • Printers

  • Mattresses/box springs

  • Beds, sofa beds

  • Electric bed frames

  • Bed pillows

  • Sewing machine cabinet without machine

  • Pre-installed light fixtures, fluorescent bulbs

  • Encyclopedia, magazines, textbooks

  • Other: disassembled or particle board furniture, incomplete items

  • Large holiday items “in season” only

  • Christmas items, including Christmas trees IN BOX accepted Oct-Jan

  • All small items need to be secured in boxes or bags.  Please tie bags and do not overfill boxes.

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