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Easter Dinner

Easter is one of the biggest days of the year for Christians, where we celebrate the resurrection of Christ. Easter Dinner for the homeless is an opportunity for the community to serve our homeless neighbors.

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Graduation is a time to celebrate and recognize the graduates of the New Life Recovery Program. Hear testimonies of lives that have been transformed for alumni and their support system.

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Homeless Birthday Party

Birthdays are important. For many of the homeless their birthday is just a normal day. Homeless birthday party is the community coming together to let them know we were glad they were born. 

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City Kids Festival

City Kids Festival is in partnership with Churches and partner agencies to help kids start off the school year right. Kids don't just receive backpacks they play games, receive prizes, eat lunch and they hear the message of the gospel.

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Great Thanksgiving Banquet

Each year we partner with Churches to provide turkeys and food boxes to families in need. Additionally, guests enjoy a hot meal and a variety of activities. Most importantlywe conduct chapel services with the message of the Gospel.

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Christmas Celebration

Partnering with the community to make Christmas special for our Guests and Program Members. We have special activities planned to help make it feel like Christmas and to share the gospel as we celebrate the birth of Jesus. 

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Prayer Support Ministry

The RGM Prayer Support Ministry exists to spiritually undergird Redwood Gospel Mission’s calling by praying for the effective mobilization of the Body of Christ to minister to the broken and needy, for effective ministry, through the people giving, and for the people receiving, care through the various Mission ministries, and for the resulting transformation of their lives, of our churches, and of our entire community. 

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Mentor Training

The Certification Program will identify the broken behaviors, typical emotional challenges of early recovery, lay groundwork for identifying boundaries within the relationship, learning the specific programs of Redwood Gospel Mission to better navigate wreckage with the men and women, crisis coaching, and what’s expected from the mentor while working with someone in the programs.

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Helping Without Hurting

Helping Without Hurting is an educational seminar based on the book When Helping Hurts. It is a powerful tool to train your leadership team, volunteers, and broader congregation in an effective approach to poverty alleviation.

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Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight focuses on various areas of the ministry. We invite you to come and learn about how you can be a part of the life transformational ministries. 

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Facility Tours

If you want to see what happens on the inside of our locations or would like to know more about the Redwood Gospel Mission, we would love for you to join us for our bi-monthly All Facilities Tour.

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