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The Newsletter of Redwood Gospel Missions

July Cover Picture.jpg

We Ran Out


• It's All About Planting Seeds

• Celebrating Alice's Legacy

• Find Your Place

• Give a Backpack!

May Cover Picture.jpg

The Power of a Party


• You Are a Miracle

• The Blessing of Being a Blessing

• Sign, Return Your Birthday Card

• Volunteer Opportunities

• Give $2.02 Birthday Meals!

March Cover Picture.jpg

It's Not Just About Getting Sober


• What Happens at the Table

• Celebrate Recovery

• Easter Blessing Bags

• Fill a Deeper Need

November Cover Picture.jpg

Saving Grace


• It's Beautiful and Complicated

• More Ways to Share God's Love

• Change a Life this Christmas!

September Newsletter Cover.jpg

The Beauty of Jesus Math


• My Absolute Favorite Holiday

• The Great Thanksgiving Turkey Smoke

• Redwood Gospel Coffee: More Than a Drink

• Every Meal Matters!


A Backpack Was Just the Beginning.


• It's All About Relationships

• Why Jim Loves City Kids

• Find Your Place

• Why More Backpacks this Year?


Steven Fell Off a Cliff


• It Really is a Wonderful Life

• The Homeless Birthday Party

• Outreach Ministry Updates

• Meet People Right Where They Are


The Gift of a Father


• My Favorite Movie

• The Family Ripple Effect

Beyond Mission Walls

Transform More Lives!

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